Thukpa – of mountains, yaks, wilderness and Leh

Leh day 1 We wake up early …very early, but that is no sweat for a couple of in-their-fifties-we-shall-refrain-from-mentioning-exactly- where-in-the-fifties…purely out of security concerns…what if someone figures out our passwords kind of concern, you see….now this sentence has gotten a little lost, rather like the roads in let’s try and get back to where we were…in our fifties..WHO (the caps are in case I get lost again and have to find my way back!), […]

The Duck family goes to Bali! : Bubur Ayam or Indonesian porridge

“Quack?” inquires the Papa Duck, inquiring solicitously if all is well with the family of three ducks he is in charge of! “Quack, quack”, go the two bigger ones – the Mama Duck and Big Sister Duck, nodding acqiescence – all is well, bags are counted, tags on hand baggage in place, we are in the queue! But…the third quack is missing! “K?” sighs the long-suffering Papa Duck – the third – little sister  duck is present, […]

Madeover thalipeeth: On why we ‘became’ late!

Like this answer to… “What’s for breakfast?” My breakfast today – a makeover of the Marathi thalipeeth… made primarily from leftovers and better than the original! Made-over Thalipeeth.